Production of precision rubber parts

for the automotive industry

Since 1990

We are a slim, modern, family company with 150 employees.

Our production plants are in Slovakia and Russia.

We use most modern rubber production technology, robotics, automation, information and control software including CRM system.


The Prokeš company was established in year 1990.

We are focusing for production and production development of precision rubber parts mainly for Automotive.

Technological Park

We use the most modern technology and machinery in the automotive industry for monitoring and production of quality.

We have our own design center of molding, manufacturing and control jigs.

We have our own chemical-physical laboratory for testing rubber compounds and products.

We spray the bonding agents on plastic and metal parts for molecular bonding with rubber parts. Coating with dry lubricants, mounting varnish of finished parts and anti-friction coating also.

30 successful years in the field
10 automatic work stations
5000000 products per month
150+ reliable employees
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